Respected Colleagues, Friends,

We are now opening the call for our 5th onsite and online workshop and conference Actual ESP/LSP Classroom – sharing the what and how and why of our teaching in the hope that you will join with presentations of your expertise.

Since 2013 we have been dedicated to proving the relevance of languages for specific purposes in contemporary worldwide educational setting, meeting practitioners, experts in the field, and providing them the venue for presenting and sharing their insights, research findings, practices. We therefore started our biannual conference with the participation of colleagues coming from about forty countries from four continents. Each conference was conceived as a complete social event with scientific presentations, time for discussions, but also opportunities for less formal interactions and cultural performances. Every time we choose a particular focus to explore together. We started with the basics – Connect and Share, in 2013, laying the foundations of our project, proceeded with Synergies of Language Learning in 2015, Establishing the Predominant Position of LSP within Adult ELT, 2017 in a conference and summer school format, (RE)Considering the Foundation Principles and Assessing the Common Grounds between ESP/LSP/GE, online format, 2020. This year we invite you to our first jubilee fifth conference which will emphasise concrete practical ESP/LSP classroom work.

Permanent record of delivered scientific achievements has been our parallel goal from the start. That is the reason we established Journal of Teaching English for Specific and Academic Purposes, in which conference proceedings are published. The high quality of the papers published in our journal gained it recognition. Only two years after its appearance it was entered in WoS – in 2015, and later in Scopus. This is the year when we proudly celebrate its tenth volume! Our publications also extend to monographs with renowned academic publishers, namely Cambridge Scholars Publishing and Vernon Press.

It is our aim to continue this tradition of providing pathways for collegial and friendly dissemination of knowledge and practice of ESP, LSP, and GE. As always, we are doing this with enthusiasm and kindness.

In hope we will soon welcome you here,

Prof. Dr. Nadežda Stojković
President of the Scientific Committee
Nebojša Jotović, MSc
President of the Organising Committee